Debi Dockins, CAVS, CVA – Gritman Medical Center, Moscow

It’s been 19 years since Marc Bowles first brought his coaching techniques to a Rotary Youth Leadership camp. As our top-rated presenter, Marc has returned every year since and coached hundreds of students and adults to think beyond the ordinary and invent new ways of connecting with people.

Volunteering his time, Marc understands the importance of reaching out to young adults and challenging them to be bold forward thinkers. He brings a rich background of knowledge and extensive expertise, helping students determine their communication style in a meaningful way.

As a friend, Marc has often offered help and suggestions that have helped me expand my own personal effectiveness, never shying away from the hard questions that help me see the bigger picture. As a student in his executive coaching class, I came away with a new awareness of how I interact with others, gaining personal insights about my own leadership style.

Marc will inspire you, coach you, and help you see your potential, whether in work, sports or your own personal challenges.

Donna Austin, Interior Savings

“Marc Bowles’ coaching has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.

Marc dedicated time out of his busy schedule to coach me through the Royal Roads Executive Coaching Program for which I will be eternally grateful. He challenged me on the areas I needed to address, and counseled me to get beyond the barriers that were holding me back. He has the insight to ask probing questions and get at the heart of the problem, at the same time maintaining the right balance of challenge, encouragement and support. He has helped me understand issues from different perspectives, enabling me to be more effective both as a leader and a coach.

When looking for professional development, I highly recommend Marc Bowles as your coach.”

Thank you again for all your time and support Marc, I really appreciated having you as my ‘rock’!

Jim Riches, RiverRock Safety

Marc captures the essence of leadership by understanding what works for Superintendents today and conveys it through his coaching in an easily understood and engaging manner. He inspires the leadership and helps unlock their ability to succeed.

Kelly Jones, Principal, Parkway Elementary School

“Marc’s work as a personal and staff coach of challenging our ideas has been an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience that has allowed us to have the results we were after”

Tahira Saeed, South Okanagan Immigrant Society Services

Marc has the ability to encourage everyone to become more aware of the elements of communication.  He would often prompt us to ask questions that would identify areas, which warrant improvement.  Making it appear as if we knew all along how to adjust our actions and behaviours for increasingly positive results.  

Marc is one of the best facilitators I have experienced. His even-keeled, calming demeanour and his easy conversational flow provides a role model for a coach approach. I marvel at how positive his language and tone always are, and he is a living, breathing model of curiosity about everything!